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Jewelry Store  InteriorsOur Design Philosophy

We believe that the sole purpose of a jewelry store is to SELL JEWELRY. Your store exists for your customers. They need to feel comfortable and at home when they visit your store.

Jewelry is sold everywhere from Walmart to Tiffany. The chances are that you are not Walmart or Tiffany, but somewhere in between. You don't want to create a store that people think is beyond their means. On the other hand, you aren't likely to sell a $10,000 diamond from a $200 showcase. Even though you may have a beautiful store, if it is not targeted to your demographic, to your target customers, it won't get you the sales you want. We can design a store that will work for your customers.

With every dollar you spend on your store, it is wise to ask yourself "will it sell more jewelry?" If the answer is "no" – keep your money in your wallet. We don't want you to waste money on unnecessary frills that won't help your bottom line. We want your investment to create the right environment that best showcases your merchandise in a way that increases your sales.

Our company president is Herb Schottland. The Schottland family has over sixty-five years of experience designing and fixturing hundreds of jewelry stores. These range from independent stores to Bloomingdale's fine jewelry departments. From this experience, we have observed time and again that a well-designed, well-lit store makes more money and keeps you competitive. Period. If your store sells jewelry, in any way shape or form, we can help you sell more.

Whether you are thinking about opening a new store, or a full or partial remodeling of an existing store, we can take care of it….while you go about your business. We know how valuable your time is. We've been there.

We are independent and utilize materials from many suppliers and manufacturers to best meet the needs of your store. Our loyalty is to you, our client. We want to find the best fit for what you are trying to accomplish in your store.

We're happy to put you in touch with some of our previous clients.

Note: Lease-to-own options are available.


These testimonials will stop when you place your curser over the quotation.

Herb was able to almost double our display space with his unique design. It was finished in the fall of 2005 and still looks great (in 2014). More importantly, it works wonderfully.

Don Overstreet – Overstreet's Jewelry, Inc.
Bentonville, Arkansas


A no-nonsense approach to store design, customer traffic and function, with an eye for beauty and aesthetics. Herb Schottland delivers!

Kathy Corey - Day's Jewelers
Maine & New Hampshire


Our store looks FABULOUS and sales have increased. The new showcases make all the merchandise look new and different. Customers thought we had all new merchandise. We have been extremely pleased with the new layout and showcases and wished we had done it years ago.

Jean Graham - J.C. Grant Company Jewelers
Milledgeville, Georgia


The drawing concept blew me away. It allowed for much more showcase room without crowing the showroom. The cases look great. We expanded in 2013 and Herb drew up a complimentary design, for a seamless transition. Herb was very easy to work with and was with us all the way in helping design the storage and function of the cases.

Maryann Marshall - Marshall Jewelry
Gillette, Wyoming


Our stores are the envy of most in the industry. We have had mall jewelers come into our stores requesting to take photos. We are very happy with the work.

Bob Moulton - National Pawn
Durham, North Carolina


Herb asked the right questions pertaining to quantity of staff, accessibility and security. Together we came up with a stylish and functional floor plan. Herb was there to oversee the installation process and make sure everything went smoothly. He is a man of detail and passion.

Kirk Frey - Kirk's Jewelers
Dunkirk, New York


Store Design and Fixturing worked with us to bring our vision to life. Herb listened to our thoughts and concerns, while delivering on time and within budget.

Ronald M. Leitzel - Mountz Jewelers
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania


Daily, customers are complimentary on the layout, the lighting, the feel and look of the store. I would recommend Store Design and Fixturing to anyone in the jewelry industry looking to remodel or design a new store.

Sandra Brown - Tena's Fine Diamonds & Jewelry
Athens, Georgia


Herb puts the emphasis where it belongs, on showing jewelry. Our sales increased by double digits last year and has continued this year, even though most of the industry has experienced a softening in sales. I think your work is largely responsible for this. You are easy and fun to work with, and the cases arrived when you said they would.

Randall Hancock - Hancock's Jewelry & Gifts
Morris and Dwight, Illinois


Thanks for your patience and integrity.

Lena & Stan Goodman - Goodman Jewelers
Williamsburg, Virginia

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